She's dancing fancy pirouettes

Updated on Apr 04, 2014
black GOLD COUTURE dress
Black-gold-couture-dress Black-gold-couture-dress Black-gold-couture-dress Black-gold-couture-dress Black-gold-couture-dress
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joannaladrido 's Thoughts:

"I saw you dance in the arena hall in
make-up, dressed up like a ballerina
Got to wonder what's got into you
Or just what you got into"


I guess in many ways, that applies to what I am wearing in this post as I am sure a lot of brows were raised after seeing me in this outfit. I am sure questions were raised such as, "What was she thinking?" or "There she goes again with being over the top..." or perhaps something more concise: "WTF?" While I did know I will get some flack for this outfit, I decided not to care what other things and practice my ability to choose to do what I want to do and wear what I wanted to wear. In so many ways, it is also a tribute to me, in all my childlike innocence... because here I am, in ruffles, silk, lace, organza and tulle...and wearing it proudly at that. I am still a ballerina at heart: slowly going through slow enfolding movements in adagio (a ballet term) which means "at ease, with great fluidity and grace," To be able to deal with life and its fast-paced craziness in allegro which is applied to fast, brisk movements (like those ever present in life) with smoothness and lightness. To be able to do the chasse which is to literally to chase... after my dreams and glide on my way to achieve them. To be able to allow myself to tombe which means the act of allowing oneself to free fall, which is usually how things begin. I am able to plie through the bad things, which literally means to bend...and not break. To be able to coupe or to cut my losses, which in full meaning, is both a step and an action. And of course to eleve: to rise when the occasion calls for it and finally to releve: to be lifted, to rise to any position when the time calls for it... to balance on the top of my toes, with one of both feet to support me and rise higher and higher with every day that I am given the chance. In so many ways, it seems that ballet has trained me to apply every position in dance and more so, in life. This is why I am in this black lace and tulle dress, which in every way I must say screams: ballet costume. I know I am not a prima ballerina in any way, but I am dancing through life and celebrating myself. That and the fact that I chose to wear this outfit, is reason enough for me and now that I have scratched the surface of how it is to live and be uncompromisingly who I am... and I am no longer dreading wearing these dresses and nobody even has to force me to anymore.



Comments (3)

NathaliaV on August 10
cool ^^
Aibina on April 10
Very nice look! <3
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