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Updated on Jan 29, 2015
Mango jacket - Mango shirt - Zara bag - Zara romper - Zara heels
Mango-jacket-mango-shirt-zara-bag-zara-romper-zara-heels Mango-jacket-mango-shirt-zara-bag-zara-romper-zara-heels Mango-jacket-mango-shirt-zara-bag-zara-romper-zara-heels Mango-jacket-mango-shirt-zara-bag-zara-romper-zara-heels
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StepIntoMyHeels 's Thoughts:

My first alarm goes off around 7:00 a.m. and after two or three snooze cycles , I finally manage to get myself out of bed and go into the kitchen. First thing I do is press the magic button , then I wait patiently a couple of minutes. Suddenly , I can smell it…oh , the morning coffee , that little hit of happiness … I taste it , a few minutes later my headache slowly disappears , everything starts to fall into place… One minute I enjoy the taste of hot coffee , the next I’m back in my bed scrolling down my Facebook feed.
By about 8:30 a.m. I officially hate myself and it’s time for a nice morning shower. The hot water all over my body helps the muscles relax which makes it easier to carry out daily tasks , it’s just my natural sedative , clears the mind and calms the nerves. I just can’t help it…

The Criminal Code took pretty much all of my physical and mental energy these days and , still , there it is , waiting for the perfect moment to ruin my life. I leave it there , but as I enter my dressing room I experience a deep feeling of guilt… “ Oh no , not today ! “ I whisper.

That intense brain activity going on these weeks it’s all-consuming! I surely need a day off from work and try to do things that cheer me up. I must confess : facing exams has never been so difficult!

As I put on my chic monochrome outfit , tons of thoughts circle my mind like vultures in the sky. Hmm , there are actually some quite interesting thoughts…

[ Ever since I discovered this amazing thing called Numerology , my mind has kept going back to it. Numerology studies the occult meaning of numbers and their influence on human life. It all starts with your name and date of birth , based on this piece of information , the numerologist is able to establish your key numbers. The key numbers will give you a complete description of your personal characteristics , life karma and other interesting things .
I was skeptical at first , but then I found myself between those lines… It was like I was reading a book about my life.

Here comes the most interesting part : ” You’ve been able to create a connection between the conscious and unconscious. There’s a battle between those two , until they will finally learn how to coexist with each other. You will be the victim of your fantasies until you understand how to control the amount of energy that comes from it.

As a child , you’ve always been extremely conscious. For most of your childhood you didn’t realize that other people didn’t see things the way you did, that made you hyperemotional and unable to express your feelings.

Sensitivity determined you to create an elaborate world of fantasies just for yourself , even as an adult , you find it difficult to tell the difference between reality and fantasy.

The reason you do things usually consists in a mix of logic , emotion and intuition and that can hardly be explained in front of a rational person. “]

I grab my leather jacket which is , by the way , a “throw-and-go” item that shouldn’t miss from any IT-girl’s closet. I throw it over my shoulders before stepping outside the house and , as I’m wandering about , I get lost in a sea of people , all stressed out , walking side-by-side . In the midst of them all , I glance down at my outfit for a minute , now I think I’m ready to take the pulse of the city…
[ I paired a white shirt with a black jumpsuit featuring a wide-leg shape , for more of a smart outfit. ]

Comments (2)

CarefreeContessa on January 29
chic - love the bag
AndrewB on January 29 via iPhone mobile device icon
Love your story! :x
StepIntoMyHeels on January 29
thank you!
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