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Updated on Feb 05, 2018
light pink wilfred dress
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cocoandvera 's Thoughts:

I’m not really a pink person. I went through a major blush phase in my teens, mostly inspired by the ballet dancer style in the movie Centre Stage, but then moved on. But every year in late winter, I notice that pink pieces start to catch my eye; a cosy blush-toned sweater here, a pinky-nude wrap dress there. For someone who doesn’t love pink, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Except that while I don’t love pink, I do love spring – and in my mind, the season and the colour are inextricably linked. If I can’t have sunny days and blooming flowers outside, I can add the elements of spring to my wardrobe.

I went through the same thing last year, even though Paris is far warmer than Winnipeg. It culminated in my acquiring a pink floral dress that, I’ll be honest, I only wore about twice. When spring arrived properly, I didn’t need touches of the season hanging in my closet to remind me that it would eventually come, and I quickly tired of the dress. I’m hoping the same doesn’t happen with this dress, which I admittedly eyed for months, hoping it would eventually come in black. Sadly, it never did, but I did manage to snag pink shade on super sale after Christmas.

There are some pinks I do love year round, but they mostly come in jewel form. As devoted as I am to black, when it comes to necklaces and earrings, I always prefer moonstone and rose quartz to onyx because I love the way those lighter stones contrast with my dark clothes. Jewelry from my girlfriend Keltie’s line, Keltie Leanne Designs, has been my go-to for years (which you have undoubtedly noticed, since her pieces appear in practically every one of my posts.) I can’t imagine my wardrobe without her creations in it. And because I think you should have the chance to experience first hand why I feel that way, I’ll be launching a $150 Keltie Leanne Designs gift card giveaway later today on Instagram – don’t miss out!

With any luck, in a few weeks, the first signs of spring will start to show. When that happens, I can happily give up pink clothes again. But in the meantime, this dress will be in heavy rotation, because it makes me think spring. Does winter make you want to wear lighter colours? Or is that just me…?

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natyponders on February 06
Nice outfit, lovely colors and coat. I like this shade of pink too
jotei_elizabeth on February 05
Favorite this look. Love your outfit and the coat
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